How to Play Pool Rummy – Rules and Strategy

Amongst the various types of Indian Rummy, one of the types offered by online portals is Pool Rummy. This variant is quite popular for the 13 card game. Pool rummy is also known as ‘Syndicate’. The rules are easy to understand, especially if you know the basics of melding cards into sequences and sets. There can be anywhere from 2 to 6 players at a table. There are three formats in which this simple card game can be played – Best of Three Pools Rummy, 101 points Pool Rummy, and 201 points Pool Rummy. Let’s get in to the details of each format separately.

What are the Rules for Pool Rummy?

What are Best of Three Pool Rummy Rules?

What are 101 Pool Rummy Rules?

What are 201 Pool Rummy Rules?