What are Point’s Rummy Rules?

Point’s Rummy is perhaps the most exciting type of Indian Rummy. The online version of this game is currently trending in a big way at Indian Rummy websites. It is a simple game to grasp and anyone who is familiar with the basic rules of this classic rummy 13 card game will be able to play it easily. In this variation of Indian Rummy, points have a pre assigned value. The objective of the game is to make sequences and sets of 3 to 4 cards before anyone else at the table and declare. Online Points Rummy can be played for free or for cash.

Those players who are not able to declare accumulate points based on the invalid cards they hold. So, if Amit has made one pure sequence of three cards and John has made a valid declare, Amit’s points will be calculated on the basis of the remaining 10 invalid cards in his hands. Cards with a face value of 2-10 have points equal to the face value and all picture cards and Aces will have a point value of 10 points each.

Classic Points Rummy Rules in Details

For more details, you can also watch tutorial videos which give you an audio visual description of how this game is played. Points Rummy is fun and easy. Players from all across India, excluding the residents of the states of Assam and Odisha are thronging websites that offer this variant for cash.