What are Deals Rummy Rules?

Deals rummy is another interesting variation of online rummy which you can play for cash. If you are aware of rules of simple rummy game, you will find this type of 13 card rummy very easy to play. Essentially the basic rules are the same - cards need to be formed into sequences and sets to make a valid declare before any of the opponents at the table. Deals rummy can be played between a minimum of 2 and a maximum 6 players at a time. The number of deals is also fixed prior to the beginning of the first hand. To start, chips are given to all players at the table. Each chip is one point. If there are three fixed deals, every player will bring 3*80= 240 chips to the table. You can play this game for free with practice chips if you just want to try it out. Best Rummy sites will offer this variation free of cost to all their registered users.

Detailed Deals Rummy Rules

At the end of each deal, the losing player or players point value is added to the balance of the winning player and deducted from their own balance. If at the end of the decided deals, there is a tie, a tie-breaker game must be played to decide the winner.